Bags, Belts, Shoes and Socks


We have a leading distributors of school bags and belts in tamilnadu. These cool backpacks from the student collection are all they you need to get heads turning. Hang out in style. Here’s a collection that will sweep you off your fee. we are highly organized and comfortable backpacks. Spacious enough to carry your every day essentials, they keep you hassle free and style.


We have a leading distributors of school Belts and Buckles in tamilnadu. We offer school belts are manufactured by using high quality raw materials with customized buckles and sizes. 


We have a distribution network for school shoes and socks which covers the entire tamilnadu region.
  • Products undergo various level of quality check.
  • Top most priority is given to finishing and raw materials used in shoes to maintain the products quality standard.
  • Shapes are perfectly crafted to fit.


We distributor of socks in tamilnadu. We maintain a high standard quality and customised design patterns. Our socks quality varies from Nylon socks, Cotton socks, Lycra socks ect.

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